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Day: May 3, 2013



corn-syrup free for 3 years! (for the most part!)

thanks huff-po for the image!
thanks huff-po for the image!

i never imagined i would move my month-long experiment to a lifestyle change. from eating mcdonald’s and drinking regular pepsi on a weekly basis and not caring about a loaf of bread’s ingredients to being an ingredients-list speed skimmer.
what do i miss?
trolli britecrawlers, sourpatch kids, gummy bears 🙁
pasta-roni angelhair pasta
mcdonald’s drive through (this is probably a good thing…)
ritz crackers
not caring
what don’t i miss?
regular pepsi (mostly because cane sugar pop is soooo good)
fake maple syrup
the chemical aftertaste of corn syrup. some things taste 100X better made with alternative ingredients (case in point: special K bars)
giving money to big corn
not caring (it’s a catch-22!)

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