some stuff

some stuff

well, my pinterest experiments are on hold for a bit. i have no idea where anything is anymore! most of my stuff is in the truck, some is here, and everything’s in a box that i don’t want to go through. oh dear. in three days, nate and i’ll be flying out to CO anyway, where pinterest stuff won’t be happening anyway. so, you’ll just have to wait 🙁

our crap. not to mention the clothes and kitchen stuff. ugh!

on the plus side, we got our big tv set up and nate’s hooked his computer up to it directly (well, that’s a plus for him…) and he rooted his phone so he could tether it. i’m not sure if at&t will find out, or what they will do if they do find out.
and now ralph is eating again, but he’s been sneezing like crazy. not sure if he has a cold or what. i hope whatever it is, it passes soon. poor kitty!
2.5 days of work this week! woohoo!

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