a tale of woe

a tale of woe

remember way back when, when i realized how awesome the library was again? well, when we moved, i was in the middle of reading a book by michael perry, whose writing makes my heart hurt. of course i had to return it right in the middle of the book, and of course i had a second book, which i had been waiting on the reserve list for for months, come in for me today.

on the plus side, when i went to check out the rochester library, they had two copies of the perry book on the shelves! TWO! i waited in line for a month to get that book up in STC. thing is, in order to get a library card, you need proof of residence, and i have NO IDEA where my lease is right now.
but, i called the library, and i can use my great river regional card to check out two items until i have proof of residence. they just hold the card until you come in to get your rochester card.
so, i’m off to the library after work instead of running. i haven’t run in a week and probably won’t run for another week 🙁 i hope i don’t lose it. (it’s ok – once january rolls around, nothing is happening, so i should be able to buckle down on running. half marathon?)

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