i’ve been driving a lot. turns out my back doesn’t really like it. ah well.

5k finished!!! woohoo!! it rained, and liz and i almost didn’t want to run it, but by the time we got to the registration table, we were soaked through so it didn’t really matter anymore. i still don’t know my results, but my legs hurt more than they ever have in the past, so i either did really well or my not stretching out afterwards was a bad move. (i’m thinking the latter.)

nikki’s wedding is next weekend, so this weekend, in addition to the 5k, i went to her bachelorette party. pretty fun! it made me realize i’m getting too old for some stuff though πŸ™ Β ah well.

i’m home for 5-6 hours, then i have to turn around and head back to austin. i’m doing laundry, got my last paycheck from merrill, figured out my business taxes, then i’m going to go take a nap. my sleep Β schedule has been all over the map lately. time to smooth that out.