coincidence or inspiration?

coincidence or inspiration?

there seem to be a lot of people on my facebook feed who are doing couch 2 5k or equivalent. does correlation equal causation? not sure…i know i inspired megan for sure, but other than that, maybe my age group has suddenly gotten health conscious?
i’m slowly but surely getting through nikki’s pics. i’m always so impressed with myself! especially since i’ve never done indoor photos before. some are a little harsh from the flash, but nothing a little p-shop can’t fix. makes me wonder if i should do more weddings — maybe if i had a wrangler. i need a loud cohort.
i love summertime. i love being able to sit outside comfortably. the birdsongs. the frogs in the pond. the sound of traffic. citronella. the smell of lake. freshly cut grass. even sweating i like. i love my deck! i’d prefer a rental with a deck, and hopefully nate’s and my next home (in the country with acreage) will have a deck (and if i’m lucky, a porch, too!). mmmm summer. i think i’ve come to the conclusion that every season but winter is awesome. they are equally awesome in what they best represent and i love them all. and i really hate winter.

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  1. i miss MN summers. summers in IN are so oppressively hot and humid, it’s not any fun to be outside. it’s only just july, and i’m already dreaming of october.

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