road rage

i’m driving on the hwy out to my house back from grocery shopping and there’s this car in the left lane that’s going about 55 (speed limit’s 60). he’s ahead a little bit, so i figure i’ll just scoot around him so i can make my left turn at the next stop light, when the light before my turn turns red. no problem, i’ll just speed around him when it turns green. i do it a lot.

so, light turns green, i speed up, and mr. cavalier (i should’ve known after i saw it was a cavalier) decides i’m not getting around him. i’m going 75 in the 60, and mr. cavalier is right there in my driver’s blind spot. nice. light’s coming up, so i quick get around him and he is on my butt the whole way. i signal and move over, and mr. cavalier is turning also. whatever. so i get to the last stop sign before my house;  mr. cavalier has followed me thus far, and few people go straight (the way i’m going). i go straight, and i can see mr. cavalier in my rear-view mirror sit at the stop sign a little bit before signaling and turning right (only after another car pulled up behind him). was he going to follow me to my house or something?

why do people do this? are they trying to teach people who go faster than them a lesson or something? or just some dumb bennie or johnnie being ultra-dumb? ugh. it irks my road rage into overdrive!!!


…commences? i belong to a food_porn community on LJ, so i’ve been posting some stuff there for a while. i’m trying not to inundate my personal LJ with food posts, …. but ….. this was way too yummy.


OMG the potatoes are to die for.

recipe here.

a friend dilemma

not my RL friends, haha. well, here’s the thing. facebook has become a high school reunion, basically. and i keep getting friend suggestions from julie ritt, of all people, for people who were preppy snobs in HS. i am NOT friending these people. they didn’t talk to me in HS, why should i talk to them now? the thing that bugs me though is that julie was highly UNpopular in school and was the butt of many jokes. (i think mostly based on her looks, which is sad. she was also [and probably still is:)] pretty smart.) now, all the people who used to make fun of her are being nicey nice and wonderful toward her. why do people do this? are they repenting for how they were in high school? i just don’t understand it. my theory is that if you didn’t take the time to be nice to me during 4 years of HS, i’m not taking the time to friend you on FB so you can up your friend count. i know FB isn’t the be-all end-all of friendships, but it just bugs me.

dost protest much?

this country was built on rebellion, yet currently we are the biggest nation of apathetic do-nothings. when was the last you, or i, or anyone for that matter, got off our soap-box and actually went out and did something about what we preach? i know i’m a perpetrator of speaking one thing and not doing anything about it. someone wants to ban books? where’s the outrage?? where’re the protests?? where are the marches?? on some messageboards on the internet, that’s where. strongly worded letters will only get you so far.

i took a global comm class (and i’ve probably said this before), and the prof told us that it takes 80% of a nation to be oppressed before an uprising actually makes a difference. 80%!! but what’s really disturbing is that 100% of americans’ freedoms and rights are being oppressed, yet we still do nothing about it. why?

we’ve become a bunch of apathetic people with the mindset that if it doesn’t affect us directly, then we shouldn’t make a fuss. recently there was a court ruling that evidence t federal ID, with a camera watching our every move, reading the daily newspaper with the official government seal, when it hits us. how did we get this far?

oh yeah, cuz i didn’t care.

so what can you do? what can i do? i don’t know.

keep your nose clean.


a) nate lost his job. totally sucky.

b) now on 6-day vacation from work.

c) someone sent me newsweek. who? i’ll take it, but i’m curious who sent it.

d) catholic digest puts you on the hugest catholic mailing list known to god. ugh. thanks mom.

a high-res olution

this year, i’m going to cook more stuff that requires some thought, and i’m going to take pictures of it (note my punny LJ title). hopefully by the time christmas rolls around next year, i’ll be able to put together a cookbook of sorts to give to family members. not that all of them would USE it, but it’s the thought that will count, right liz?

the big thing is remembering to take pictures of the stuff i cook. i made a fabulous looking pork roast tonight that would’ve looked divine in a picture and was tasty to boot, and the camera was nowhere near and nate was hungry.

that’s a resolution that i would enjoy and probably follow through with. we’ll see what happens. maybe the HOUSEBLOG turned POLITIBLOG will turn into FOODBLOG.

and here’s some christmas pics.