a high-res olution

a high-res olution

this year, i’m going to cook more stuff that requires some thought, and i’m going to take pictures of it (note my punny LJ title). hopefully by the time christmas rolls around next year, i’ll be able to put together a cookbook of sorts to give to family members. not that all of them would USE it, but it’s the thought that will count, right liz?

the big thing is remembering to take pictures of the stuff i cook. i made a fabulous looking pork roast tonight that would’ve looked divine in a picture and was tasty to boot, and the camera was nowhere near and nate was hungry.

that’s a resolution that i would enjoy and probably follow through with. we’ll see what happens. maybe the HOUSEBLOG turned POLITIBLOG will turn into FOODBLOG.

and here’s some christmas pics.

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