i’ve been reading a lot about the obama elites, the obamacrats, the obamatrons. people think obama’s choices for his cabinet are elitist because
 these people were valedictorians of their high schools.

i don’t know about you, but it’s about time that someone smarter than me is running this country!! i’m sorry if most people want the "guy next door"  in the white house, the C average dude; i want someone who can beat me at a game of trivial pursuit and scrabble, and possibly play them at the same time! i’m not asking for stephen hawking or anything, just someone with above average intelligence! i don’t think that’s too much to ask for or anything to complain about. good grief!

guitar games: a review

i’ve played guitar hero II,III, world tour, and rock band (the original).


4. rock band
2. GH: WT
1. GH II

first off, rock band is in a league by itself because the combinations on the fret bar just aren’t as challenging as GH. i get really bored really fast when i play rock band by myself.

GH III is pretty good. i think the song selection isn’t really to my liking, so i don’t like it as much as the other two GHs, but i enjoy trying to get through devil went down to georgia 🙂

GH WT is pretty good. decent songs, ability to play with others, nice graphics. yet….i find something lacking. see, here’s the thing. i like medium because i only have to worry about four buttons. i don’t like that orange button. yet, i’ve progressed beyond medium. i need a medium plus or something like that where the fretwork is more difficult, but i still only have the four buttons. i think WT tamed down the difficulty just a bit because of how easy RB is.

GH II — oh GH II if you were only available for the PS3. i would rock you all night long. killer songs, killer fretwork on medium, my fave song ever to play on any guitar-based console game: beast and the harlot. there’s rage against the machine and some primus on there that’s pretty good too….i wish i could buy the GH II songs for any of my other games. as it is, i have to plug in the ps2 and look at the lame-o graphics in order to play (which is okay if i get my avenged sevenfold!).

book review update

ugh, so i couldn’t put my finger on what exactly it was i didn’t like about twilight. i thought i didn’t like the vampire dude. he’s too cocky, too sure of himself. but i didn’t think that was quite it. i thought it was the writing style. no… hmmm….

then i put my finger on it, 3/4 the way through book 3: bella swan (the main character) is a self-absorbed, deluded, selfish, annoying, whiny, little brat. i tell her constantly (out loud, no less) to shut up and quit whining. i’m quitting after this book. i need to know how the book ends, then i’m done. i need an anti-bella shirt.

Book review: Twilight

i admit i was pulled in by the hype, the sudden popularity, the comparison to harry potter, and the very quick movie deal surrounding this book.

that said, don’t bother. i can totally understand why this was made into a movie (and not having seen the movie, i’m not sure of the conversion) – this book has NO SUBSTANCE and the script would be a breeze to write. i found myself skimming over entire pages. it wouldn’t be so bad if the writing style of the author wasn’t trying so hard to be simplistic.

the first 3/4 of the books is all emo teen angst. oh, edward’s so handsome and beautiful, and he’s a vampire, so i learn about vampire-y stuff, and i don’t know why he likes me. etc. etc. enter the mind any 16 or 17-year-old girl, and these will be her thoughts (minus vampires). the main character is supposed to be "mature" for her age, but really? it’s just a teenage infatuation and we get to read about it for 300 pages or so. take the book and remove the vampire action, and we’d have a sweet valley high book (but not as well written, sad to say).

thank got that some action happened at the end of the book, or else i would’ve considered it a complete waste of time.

needless to say, there was some hint at the end of werewolves in the second book, so i’ve got to see how that pans out. so far, more teen angst, and i literally skipped 2 pages because it was all about her feeling bad for herself. if i weren’t scrambling for books to read, i wouldn’t be reading the sequel.


this is ridiculous:

if it takes you more than 5 months to get into an abortion clinic, you probably do want the kid. get your crap together in the first couple months. abortions after the first trimester are REALLY questionable and should be illegal in my view (unless warranted by health).

(**angie, you probably shouldn’t read that article. in fact, please don’t!)