more hippie dippie stuff

more hippie dippie stuff

i just watched the 11th hour, the environmental movie produced by leonardo dicaprio. it was actually very interesting and had a bunch of scientists and experts talking about the environment and what could happen and what we can do to stop stuff from happening.

mostly is about consumption. the basic notion of reduce reuse recycle would be the best thing we could do for the planet. which got me thinking about a group i’d read about a while ago, called the Compact.

basically you don’t buy anything new for a year. you can buy used items, and obviously you can buy things like toilet paper, food, shampoo, underwear and socks. essentials basically. but no new shiny awesome shoes. no new chandeliers for my living room (which i should take a pic of!). i’m intrigued, but will probably find something like this difficult given my propensity toward instant gratification. i think i’d like to try it for a month and see how it goes, then after that i’ll see how i did (or didn’t).

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