of funerals and tooth fairies

nate’s grandma died, so we are off to international falls tomorrow to go to the memorial service and burial. she didn’t want a funeral, so i’m not sure what’s happening. i’ll just go there and see what happens i guess.

nate’s dad has giant cats. they are huge and they seem like tigers compared to chasey, who, although she is fat, is actually quite petite for a cat. last time we were up there, i kept exclaiming over how huge they were, then i came home and kept telling chasey she was tiny! not only are they huge, but they are cooperative when they need their nails trimmed, which i think is a miracle in itself.

thinking about the huge cats gets me thinking about when my parents used to have regular indoors cats. my mom does not want fluffy/OJ/chesty in the house, but my dad lets him in, so who knows. the last couple cats i remember being inside cats were helen, who was my mom’s cat and all black, and general, my dad’s grey cat. i don’t remember how old i was, not that old, but i remember picking general up from a farmer who had a large silo, during the nighttime. very weird transaction for a cat.

one time when my mom was gone, i crawled into bed with my dad in the wee hours of the morning. i had just lost a tooth and was waiting for the tooth fairy to come. i was lying in bed, hoping i would catch the tooth fairy, when i felt a bump on the bed. the tooth fairy! then i saw the silhouette of a tail. the tooth fairy has a tail!!!  i was baffled and a little freaked out, then i realized it was only general, coming up to snuggle next to me.

needless to say, the tooth fairy did not come that night since the tooth fairy only seemed to come on nights when my mom was home (imagine that). and i don’t remember what happened to general. the last time i remember him was during the tooth fairy mishap, and i’m not sure how long he was with us. maybe he had other tooth duties to attend to.

more hippie dippie stuff

i just watched the 11th hour, the environmental movie produced by leonardo dicaprio. it was actually very interesting and had a bunch of scientists and experts talking about the environment and what could happen and what we can do to stop stuff from happening.

mostly is about consumption. the basic notion of reduce reuse recycle would be the best thing we could do for the planet. which got me thinking about a group i’d read about a while ago, called the Compact.

basically you don’t buy anything new for a year. you can buy used items, and obviously you can buy things like toilet paper, food, shampoo, underwear and socks. essentials basically. but no new shiny awesome shoes. no new chandeliers for my living room (which i should take a pic of!). i’m intrigued, but will probably find something like this difficult given my propensity toward instant gratification. i think i’d like to try it for a month and see how it goes, then after that i’ll see how i did (or didn’t).


what is the number one reason you are voting for whoever you are voting for this election? it can be any election, state, school board, whatever. i just think it’d be interesting to hear the main reason why you’re voting for someone. i’ll go first.

#1 reason i’m voting for obama: a whole glut of reasons, but #1 edges out to be i think he’ll do more about alternative energy/environmental problems than mccain, followed by ending the useless war in iraq, thus freeing up a lot of goverment spending (with which to hopefully put into alternative energy!)
#1 reason i’m voting for dean barkley, MN senate race: i can’t stand norm coleman, and i don’t like al franken that much better.
#1 reason i’m voting for el tinklenburg, MN house of rep. race, 6th district: i like his name

an update i guess

life has been fairly monotonous. i have finally gotten all unpacked except for two boxes in the bedroom, and now that i’ve painted my dresser, those can be unpacked soon. craigslist has been my friend lately. i got an awesome world market coffee table that sells for $400 for $60 and is now sitting in my living (sitting) room. there’s so much stuff we want to do and so little money and time to do it in. #1 is deck and garden next spring. knock down wall in basement. fix lawn. nate gets free granite from work, but he doesnt’ want to spend money on a new sink and faucet (??? i say wtf too).

this weekend i am going to the cities to see my sisters! yay! we are going shopping uptown (no rain) or the MOA (rain). as much as i somewhat enjoy my job, it certainly does drag when i have plans on the weekends.

ok, i think that’s all i got. politiblog is on haiatus until mccain stops saying "my friends" every other word. 🙂