uhhhhh….fizzle out

uhhhhh….fizzle out

LONG weekend. omg.

i took thursday off to be with angie (the reason this entry is locked, actually). i called in to work around noon and asked if it was busy, and it was dead, like usual, so i took the day off. we hung out, then went to tgifridays. i hope she enjoyed my company!

friday i went to caitlin’s wedding with charlie (we were liz’s dates). it was in mankato, so that was a jaunt (and a hit on the pocketbook- ouch!) but it was fun. i always enjoy weddings. yay dancing!! plus i got to try out sarah k.’s lensbaby and fisheye lens, as well as her awesome flash that i have been eyeing for quite some time and now want passionately. pics to follow when i’m not so  beat. i drove back to st. cloud that night, got home and passed out. which was sad since nate apparently wanted  something something, and fher and make more money than me. (it’s a sad state of affairs for me when a teacher makes more money that i do.)

so now there’s a week of work, then a long weekend again, then a short week, and another long weekend because i took my bday off!! yay bday!! i will be 29, so that’s a little disheartening, but i’m hoping it will be fun. next year’s the big one!

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