did you know…

did you know…

…in california and the eastern states where pollution laws are strict, you can buy cars that put out tons less emissions than normal gas-burning cars? they run the same, use the same gas, get the same mileage, but there is a $400 part the manufacturers stick in the car to reduce emissions.

and, did you know that it is illegal to sell/buy this car in states where the pollution laws are not so strict? even if i go to CA and buy this car, i can’t because i don’t live in CA.

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this is the dumbest, stupidest thing i’ve ever heard of. WHY ISN’T THIS DONE TO ALL CARS EVERYWHERE??? global warming would be fixed in no time flat!!

OMG, this irks me so much. one simple fix that costs $400 and it’s ILLEGAL. WTF is wrong with this country.

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