long weekend

thank goodness for the long weekend. yesterday at work i arrived like a normally do, sat down, and after about 20 minutes i noticed the absence of one of my coworkers. i figured maybe he was sick, so i didn’t question it. so about an hour later, holly, one of the girls i work with, asked if i’d heard about scott. no?? he’d been let go – his position was eliminated due to budget restraints. i was kinda like, that’s weird…. but he was on a 12-hr shift and it seemed to me they had too many on 12-hr shifts anyway, so i thought nothing of it.

so 2 pm rolls around when the guy i work with comes in. yeah, he was laid off too. ???? he’d been there for three years and i was getting freaked out. but around 3 p.m., the boss came in and said they were done laying people off and this was the team we had.

 there were 15 people in my little department, and now there’s 12. that’s a 20% loss of workforce and now i’m the only preflight person on 2nd shift. YUCK do you know how much pressure that puts on me?? ICK!

but, i still have a job. if i’d been laid off again i probably would have done something not good.


yo peeps. i is alive.

live has been rather disorganized lately because of all the moving and cleaning and crap. now my house is a mess because i haven’t had time/energy to put stuff away. that and i need another shelf for books and movies.

tomorrow is my last work day of the week! then indiana! woohoo! i made a list of all the crap i need to remember and i’m hoping that i will remember the sleeping mat this time. stupid stupid me.

other than that, i’m just hanging out (figuratively). i bought a new strapless bra for angie’s wedding so i don’t literally hang out whilst at the altar. that wouldn’t be good. anyway, i must rave about this deal on this bra, because i got it for $20 total with shipping, and normally these bras go for like $60 (they’re goddess bras). rave! rave! rave! yay for amazon clearance!

anway, enough about my boobs. it’s time for bed i think and then tomorrow i’m on a birthday mission and then work and then the weekend! yay!


although i felt like it a couple times, i did not die while moving all my crap from my dinky apartment to my spacious (tho seemingly dinky w/all the boxes) duplex. i borrowed my parents’ van, and despite my saying i will never move without a moving van again, i moved without a moving van. again.

jane came up sunday the 4th and we moved a good portion of my crap that day. all the big stuff anyway. with breaks in between. like to go to the benton county fair to sample the minidonuts and view the llamas and goats and cows and baby goats (which were soooo cute!!!!). but the two of us moved everything out of storage, the couch and the loveseat (blaaargh, that couch…) and the bed. we did pretty good. it was a tossup between the washing machine and the couch. i don’t know which was worse.

well, now i am mostly unpacked. all the necessary stuff is in its place and the unnecessary stuff is strewn about in closets and rooms where no one looks. and now i have a guest bed! yay!

so that is my update. i am looking forward to next thursday when i will take off for indiana and see lizzie! yay!!!

and now i am so tired because i was up this morning at 8 a.m. to let the dish network guy install our tv. so now it’s off to bed!

new house pics

here are pics of my new house. sorry, too lazy to do a cut. i will dominate your friends’ page!!

as you walk in the front door, the stairs are right in front of you and this is to your right.

walking forward into the dining area

and around into the kitchen. note the doorway into the basement that is unfinished and slightly scary.

another kitchen shot. i like the tile. don’t like the cupboards. and notice how the countertops are in pieces.

the huge closet in the living room.

going upstairs.

and right into the bathroom (where the tub is). i don’t like the sliding door on the tub. or the fact that there’s no side on the tub.

bedroom 1.

bedroom 2 (which will probably be our room).

weird half bedroom off the 2nd bedroom. i think this will be our walk-in closet.

the mini-hallway upstairs. (and a shot into the bathroom.)

i didn't die

the dentist didn’t kill me, so that was a plus for this week. my whole mouth hurt yesterday all day, so i was worried about that for a bit: they put fillings in the deep cavity and said if my tooth started hurting like a son-of-a-gun, to come back in and get a root canal. root canals cost a lot, so i was happy when i woke up this morning and i had no pain. no pain! (channelng milton there for a minute…sorry.)

but i am uber excited for tomorrow because we get the keys to our new duplex!!!!! yay!! and nate is all gung ho on trying to move everything on sunday, but i am like, let’s just wait til next weekend since i’m going to be at angie’s bridal shower on saturday. although it would be nice to not have to sleep here. we’ll see if the mattress fits in my parents’ van.

and tomorrow’s friday!!! yay! i think i’m going to be able to take pictures tomorrow of my new place. we will see!

more HP thoughts

ok, so i understand the title of the book is to indicate that harry was indeed the master of death, much like the deathly hallows.

but, why would dumbledore introduce this new idea of the deathly hallows without having mentioned it before? yes, we’ve come across the individual objects throughout the books, but only referred to them as the deathly hallows in this one.

when harry, hermione and ron have to be so focused on the horcruxes, why have them find the hallows? yes, understanding the elder wand helped harry get the upper hand on voldemort in the end, but why have all three?

was it because dumbledore wanted a backup plan to harry’s possible death? if harry had the hallows, could he have come back to life if the blood protection in voldemort didn’t work?

and what do we think of dumbledore now that we know he withheld the information from harry about him having to die? is it cruel, like snape said, raising a boy for slaughter? until book 4 when we see dumbledore’s gleam of triumph, was he in fact cruel (he finally found a loophole, and was justified in keeping harry in the dark)?

has your perception of dumbledore changed? i guess that is what it comes down to.