new house pics

new house pics

here are pics of my new house. sorry, too lazy to do a cut. i will dominate your friends’ page!!

as you walk in the front door, the stairs are right in front of you and this is to your right.

walking forward into the dining area

and around into the kitchen. note the doorway into the basement that is unfinished and slightly scary.

another kitchen shot. i like the tile. don’t like the cupboards. and notice how the countertops are in pieces.

the huge closet in the living room.

going upstairs.

and right into the bathroom (where the tub is). i don’t like the sliding door on the tub. or the fact that there’s no side on the tub.

bedroom 1.

bedroom 2 (which will probably be our room).

weird half bedroom off the 2nd bedroom. i think this will be our walk-in closet.

the mini-hallway upstairs. (and a shot into the bathroom.)

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