more HP thoughts

more HP thoughts

ok, so i understand the title of the book is to indicate that harry was indeed the master of death, much like the deathly hallows.

but, why would dumbledore introduce this new idea of the deathly hallows without having mentioned it before? yes, we’ve come across the individual objects throughout the books, but only referred to them as the deathly hallows in this one.

when harry, hermione and ron have to be so focused on the horcruxes, why have them find the hallows? yes, understanding the elder wand helped harry get the upper hand on voldemort in the end, but why have all three?

was it because dumbledore wanted a backup plan to harry’s possible death? if harry had the hallows, could he have come back to life if the blood protection in voldemort didn’t work?

and what do we think of dumbledore now that we know he withheld the information from harry about him having to die? is it cruel, like snape said, raising a boy for slaughter? until book 4 when we see dumbledore’s gleam of triumph, was he in fact cruel (he finally found a loophole, and was justified in keeping harry in the dark)?

has your perception of dumbledore changed? i guess that is what it comes down to.

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