and in other news…

the science fiction channel is showing episodes of firefly every night at 7 p.m.!

i am so there. 😀

get ready for the movie (serenity)!!

and also in other geek/nerd/dork news, bruce campbell is going to be in fargo on aug. 31 at 6 p.m. i’m thinking of going, so if you want to go, let me know!!

ah, my car

wednesday night i went to angie’s so we could do something (she was bored, i was bored, it worked out). i arrived and parked in an illegal spot because i was just picking her up, then we were leaving on a mission. walked out of her apt., got in the car, turned the key, and….nothing. it cranked. and cranked. and some more cranking, but it didn’t start.

now some of you may remember that this happened before, in my work parking lot. i took the car to tires plus, they did some diagnostics, cost me $150, and they coudlnt’ find anything wrong. it just miraculously started after doing all these tests.

well, this was just fine. not only did it not start, but i was in front of a no parking sign. well, with some help from angie’s landlady’s hubby, we got the car parked in an actual spot. i called nate to pick me up, and we made plans to return the next morning to see if my car’s attitude had improved.

got there the next morning, same old crap. i gave in and decided to take the thing to an actual chevy dealer, cuz they might know what was going on better than the dude at tires plus. towed the darn thing, got it fixed at gilleland, and it cost $385.

so what was wrong? apparently, the ignition cylinder (the thing you put your key in to turn on the car) was going bad. which in turn tripped on the theft system, thinking someone is trying to break into the car. so, when i turned the key to try to turn it on, the theft system turned off the fuel pump. joy!! at least the theft system works. which would also explain why my theft system light was on a lot of the time. (oops.)

didn’t need to spend $385 though to find out the theft system works…


i called thelen advertising because i sent a resume there last week and was wondering a)if they got it and b)when they were going to have interviews. turns out, they aren’t even going to start interviewing people til the end of august, which is a good thing, cuz if i quit this job 2 weeks before the tarde show, oh i’d feel just bad.