my ever-changing layouts 🙂 i joined the freelayouts community until i get a hang of CSS and the LJ coding. which may be a while.

i have a class this semester which is kind of like an independent job search. find out what you like to do, and the class basically “forces” you to do it, in an attempt for a person to finally (well, in my case at least) do what they REALLY want to do. and if the project happens to contain advocacy or minority groups in any way, all the better.

and so, you are wondering, what is it that kate really wants to do?

and, given my array of talents as shown on my website (which really isn’t an array at all, they are all quite similar and connected), this shouldn’t come as a surprise at all.

i’ve been wanting to do this since i was 12 years old (or maybe even younger), so this is why i chose to do this project for my class.

first, some background.

when my family lived in austin, it was almost inevitable that we would take a weekend during the autumnal season and drive around soant (if i took a pic of a plant), and perhaps a bit of memoir in and out where it was appropriate.

and that, apparently, is my dream job.

it combines:
layout (graphic design)

which, coincidentally, are the top four things i would love to do with my life.

sadly, quitting my current cruddy hell-hole of a job and taking on a risk that huge is somewhat daunting. could something like this actually make a living (i mean, who would buy a book like that, outside of my family and friends??)

oh, what to do. and such a long post to figure out my life. (i suppose when figuring out one’s life, the post shouldn’t be short?)

that's me

Modern, Cool Nerd
69 % Nerd, 69% Geek, 26% Dork
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another person’s b-day here. cake and ice cream, and she has presents on her desk. she’s only been working here for like 6 months, too.

i’m GLAD i have an INTERVIEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and here’s a web page i did in CSS!! don’t believe me? view the page source and look for any tables!! ha HAA!


is it possible, when/if i have a child/2 children, that i can home-school my kid in just english, all the way through high school? who knows what second-rate teachers schools are hiring these days to teach kids good grammAr and how to use the correct your/you’re/their/there/they’re!

j/k jane, you know i love you. 🙂

but is it possible? this is something i would consider. i wonder…

walmart is evil

my sister jane bought a bike at walmart three weeks ago, and she’s had nothing but problems with it. she spent $25 trying to fix it! so my dad tried to return it with the receipt and all that. and they wouldn’t take it back!! it’s a defective item, bought three weeks ago, and they won’t take it back!!!

stupid walmart!!

stuff and more stuff

and, as i sit at my desk that is covered in crap to do (trade show is a
week from today – eeek!), i think to myself, oh what joy to be had to
not work. (good news! i go in to an employment agency to fill out an
application for a graphics job i applied for online. a good sign? let’s
hope so.)

and enough about my cruddy job! at least i get paid well.

has been awfully vocal about the current situation down in
‘nawlins.’ (check out my homies link.)  all i gotta say is this: who builds a city below sea level
without adequate protection?

this weekend will be peaceful. no rellies coming over, no driving to
see rellies. i might even go to church. 😮 i will be doing wedding
stuff, i’m sure, and i’m getting a haircut on saturday, but other than
that, peaceful. i look forward to lazing around on my couch, reading a
book or watching mundane TV or doing homework (gasp! i’m back in

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