today for lunch i went home and made a fried egg sandwich with mayo and mustard on it. i haven’t had one in years, and it was mmm so nummy.

when i was in first grade, i was at an appointment in the early morn, then joined class festivities at 9-10 or so (hey, don’t expect accuracy, this was 20 years ago). as i was emerging from my mom’s car, i realized that i forgot my lunch! at this point in my life, my mom was actually making a good amount of money and therefore a) was paying tuition for my parochial schooling and b) didn’t get any hot school lunches subsidized. therefore, to save money, i took a lunch to school every morning in my blue snorks lunchbox.

well, lunchtime approached and i was getting antsy because i didn’t have a lunch yet. michael steihm, the brat who sat next to me, was getting on my nerves more than usual. finally, my name was announced over the PA system to come to the office. a hop skip and jump down the hallway and there was my dad standing with my lunchbox. yay i had lunch, made by dad. but that wasn’t the best part.

10 minutes later, after trekking to the basement cafeteria, being picked on one shoulder by nicole bibus and trying to ignore the insults whipsered in a nasally voice by michael steihm, i paid the 25ยข for my 8 ounces of milk and sat down with my lunchbox. i opened it, took out the sandwich, prepared myself for my meal, and lo and behold, it was an egg sandwich.

and it was still warm.