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Day: March 19, 2004



well my spring break week is almost over 🙁 so sad.

last night i went to krispy kreme because they had a deal going on: buy the sampler and get a box of glazed doughnuts for free. well. i thought i was going to get a box of assorted and a box of glazed and it would cost like $7. no. the sample consists of a box of assorted and a box of glazed, plus the free box. so i ended up getting 2 boxes of glazed and a box of assorted and it cost $13! OMG i am overloaded with doughnuts now.

i installed spybot on my work computer this morning because there was something weird with my browser – it kept quitting and making links to words that shouldn’t have been linked. it was weird. well, ran spybot and dumped all the bad stuff and now all is good.

ugh, time to pretend to work.

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