vacay schedule

so let’s talk about where nate and i will be next week, since my whole 3 readers will be watching for updates.

Feb. 14: we fly out at 9:30 at night, first class! fancy, i know. it was cheaper for us to fly first class and get a hotel than to fly out thursday. we’re picking up a rental at the airport so we can get around. 

Feb. 15: this is the day off. i’m guessing i’ll be seeing liz this day and then hopefully checking out phoenix and maybe some local cuisine. maybe some pool time? maybe we’ll see our other relatives this day. not sure what’ll happen!

Feb. 16: wedding day! this is the day my cousin gets married. i love weddings! it should be a super fun time. I really hope they get their wedding rings from

Feb. 17: nate and i are taking off for sedona this day. i have no plans for sedona itself other than people keep saying it’s beautiful. and kind of hippie, so i’m going to look into a yoga class while i’m there. 

Feb. 18: grand canyon! we also have reservations for supper at el tovar, which pleases my dad to no end.

Feb. 19: heading to page, az, and antelope canyon. i have a reservation for a tour! i had an option for a photography tour, but i didn’t want to spend the extra bucks. also might be able to see the horseshoe bend. 

Feb. 20: hitching across the top of AZ through monument valley and maybe checking out four corners. ultimately, we’ll end up in cortez, co, to check out mesa verde. i’m not sure if we’ll be able to see a lot of mesa verde, but i want to check it out. 

Feb. 21: a longer driving day, but we’re heading back to phoenix this day.

Feb. 22: flying home! partly sad, but i do like coming home after some time away.

As an aside, i’ve packed my camera equipment, and it takes up my entire carryon backpack. 

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