rando stuff

i just finished up the second book of the “red rising” series because HEY he wrote ANOTHER book. so finish up the original series, then i’ll dig into the new one. i’m excited to see what he does. (also, i forgot how exciting those books are and how much i love sevro.)

work is overwhelming. not sure what to do there. i feel like my eyetwitch might be making a reappearance. there’s just so much to do and so little time. and i’m out for a week and a half in february, so definitely need to make sure i’ve got my ducks in a row.

winter has been extremely bipolar. ha! literally. -20 one day, 40 the next. i’ll be happy when i can get outside to run again. the treadmill is ok but it’s getting the point of “ugh, not again.”

speaking of running, my body has been super annoying lately. my foot is rearing its ugly hurtiness again, tho i’m not sure from what now. don’t think it’s the plantar fasciitis but i don’t think it’s the sprain either. oh well. 

less than a month to AZ!!!!! hello warm weather! hey maybe i’ll run outside there!! 

hello my peeps!

2018 treatin’ ya well enough? i guess i’m already signed up for ragnar, and it’s a month and a half to arizona (wheee!!!). 

Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 7.40.15 PM

look at all those state parks… think i could do it in a year? i probably wouldn’t start until april. and how am i going to get to the one in the middle of lake of the woods??? can we agree that maybe i sit that one out? holy crap, what have i gotten myself into!

so the minnesota dnr has a state park passport program where you visit all the state parks. and they have an exceptions list, one of which is that red dot in the middle of the giant lake. it’s not even visible when you leave the dock! anyway, it costs $15 to join and you get a free night of camping for every 25 parks and when you finish. i might check it out!

2018: how much worse can it get?

(i mean that in a general sense – my life is pretty ok, but the world at large is heading down the poohole.)

let’s see, what can i generally work on for 2018…

  1. oh what the heck, we’re throwing take more pics on the list again. i know i’ll be taking SOME photos, so we’ll see if i can up my game a little bit.
  2. my officemate convinced me to bring over the “do something interesting with nate” item from last year since it really wasn’t accomplished. in 2018? i KNOW i’m going to do something interesting with nate. we’re going to arizona in february for my cousin’s wedding, then we’re taking a trip up to the grand canyon and over to mesa verde. 
  3. this could also be a good way to check off a trip item on the list. in fact, there will be a few items on this list in 2018. i feel like this isn’t much of a list if i can’t work on them because they’re already planned. so i’m going to add something that is REALLY difficult…
  4. …and possibly unattainable in 2018: visit all the MN state parks. in fact, i’m going to say right now that i’m probably going to need to push this out to 2019. but at least i’m thinking about it!
  5. start thinking about either a BWCA trip or superior trail hike with liz. i think this will depend on her schedule. at this point i’ve got a pretty flexible schedule compared to her.
  6. consider bees and chickens again. do i want that responsibility? i mean, i can’t even correctly grow brussels sprouts, and the only reason the cats get fed is because they meow in my ear.
  8. Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 4.01.18 PMrunning? hmmm. ragnar is another possibility in 2018. possibly the granddad half relay with liz. one thing i wouldn’t mind doing that i’ve never done is volunteering at a race – being the water person or cheerer or something.
  9. strive toward a more healthy lifestyle. ugh. this is so cliche with a new year. but i want to do more yoga, and i want to maybe up my speed with running. i’m not going to say “i’m going to lose 30 lbs and increase my run time by 1 minute/mile” but if i can accomplish something, that will work.
  10. in conjunction with the healthy lifestyle thing is mindfulness. my anxiety levels have actually been pretty ok (i think due to work being less stressful). yoga is super good for mindfulness, and i got a great workbook from my mom that incorporates writing with mindfulness. i might also start using the headspace app again, which is a meditation app. there’s something about clearing your mind and focusing on the present. 
  11. continue being happy. even if the rest of this list isn’t touched, if my life is relatively happy, then i’ve accomplished all i need to accomplish for 2018. i’ll continue SUPping on lake sag, working on my garden, reading, writing occasionally, petting cats, and hanging out with nate and my fam. there’s not too much else a person can ask for out of life other than being happy.