to drink tea

tell me about how you drink coffee tea

coffee has never really held any kind of allure to me except when doused with sugar and dairy products. however, i have been a tea drinker as long as i can remember. there’s just something about a cup of tea.

the best way to make tea is loosely with a tiny strainer tea ball on a chain that you dip into a pot of not-quite-boiling water to steep. after 1-5 minutes, remove the teaball and pour a steaming mug of tea to be sipped slowly at first and then gulped readily as it cools down. refill from the teapot as needed.

the easy way to make tea is in the microwave with a teabag. after 3 minutes of heating water in the microwave, dip the teabag in and let it steep until the color looks ok (1-5 minutes), then sip slowly at first, gulp later as it cools down.

the hot-weather way to make tea is outside in a jar. using the cheapest of the cheap black teabags, place 5-10 of them in a gallon jar of cold water, set on your porch in the sunlight, and let the sun do your brewing. after 3-5 hours, the tea is ready to be brought inside and poured over a glass full of ice that creaks and cracks as the liquid is sloshed over them. add a lemon if so desired.

the best way to drink tea, hot or iced, is with both hands wrapped around the delivery device, either taking in the warmth of the coldness, because whichever type of tea you make, the weather calls for a wrapping of digits. breath in the steam, when warm, or noisily suck liquid around ice, when cold. either way, the earthy, bitter taste of tea is ready for you devour.

black teas: lipton – boring; earl grey, hot – tangy; irish breakfast – a meal unto itself! chewy, even; english breakfast – heavy and thick; green – tastes like dirt and leaves.

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