article-2230417-0F845D9D00000578-56_634x478there are a lot of birds of prey in southern minnesota. one time on a drive to winona, i was just east of lewiston, just starting the descent into the valley, when i drove around a curve and came across a giant bald eagle in the middle of the road; he spread his wings and took off, just missing my car on his way into the trees.

the other day was a little windy, as most spring days are. i learned from a co-worker who flies kites that spring and fall are equally windy, but fall is more gusty and spring is more sustained, so it seems windier in springtime. i was driving home from rochester to st charles, just coming into eyota after driving across a very flat, very windy expanse of farmland.

i was coming up to the roundabout, and there was a hawk facing into the wind, beating his wings but staying in one spot in the air. i watched him as i drove up next to him and then past; he didn’t move from his spot in the air, even though the wind was blowing at him and his wings were beating. he could have let the air take him away, or he could have put in a little more effort and beat the wind. maybe he was exercising his wings. maybe he was enjoying the warm wind in his face. maybe he was waiting for a buddy to show up. maybe, and most likely, he was watching the ground for a rodent to make its appearance from a hole for a late afternoon snack. whatever he was doing, i was fascinated. 

maybe we all need to stretch our wings and exercise them, loosen them up. and sometimes we all just need to stay the status quo. no need to let the wind push us away, and no need to push against it. just letting it come at us and holding us firmly in place. and if we’re anything like the hawk, maybe we’re fascinating to others. 

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