come on, kate. get it together.

obvs i’m the one who needs to get it together. no blog posts for three days? what is this?? good grief. 

here’s what happened while i decided to not blog. 

  1. my green peppers started sprouting! here’s hoping they all have something going on today.
  2. liz, charlie, and i drove to lake city to check out hok-si-la park for charlie’s “i’m not dead” party. looks awesome! now i’m waiting to hear from the park lady on campsite availability and what dates would work. 
  3. leo won an academy award (finally)
  4. i pulled my hamstring trying to do full wheel at yoga last night. what a downer. 
  5. week five of half marathon training starts this week. bleah. 4-2-4–6 miles this week. 18 miles total! oy. 
  6. CAUCUS tomorrow. here goes nothing.

come on, al. get it together.

today i got an email from al franken’s office saying he supports hillary and to get out the caucus for hillary. this made me a little bit sad, especially for a guy who holds paul wellstone up as a beacon of emulation. 

i sent his office a nice email saying thank you for the reminder on the caucus, and i will be going to my first caucus ever next week in support of bernie sanders. i also said he was probably well aware of the reasons that bernie is the better choice for president, and that if hills is the candidate, i’m voting green. my guess is that the dem senators are supporting hillary because of money reasons. which is really unfortunate. i’m all for a female president, but i think we need to look for the best person for the job – the one who’s going to look out for the american people (not corporations).

Politics isn’t about big money or power games; it’s about the improvement of people’s lives.” – mr. wellstone himself


anyway, all this to say, go bernie. i am eager to go to the caucus and report on how that went. 


i put a new solid state drive in my mac mini and it’s like a whole new computer. on top of that, i was able to keep my other drive in the computer, so now i have two drives internally and two drives externally. i think i’m set for space for a while. 

i also had to look for a different photo management software, unfortunately. apple has decided to stop updating iphoto and use a photos app instead, which makes your photos work more like on mobile. which is fine for mobile users. i am not a person who wants her RAW images to act like mobile images. so it was off to look for a new photo management system (i always use photoshop to edit). 

i looked at lightroom and thought about adobe bridge, but i looked at google picasa, and dang if that doesn’t work slick. you can import your photos to a specific place, and it uses the date the photos were taken as the folder name (as opposed to the date imported like iphoto). i do have to do a little extra work to move it into photoshop, but i’ll deal with this. it was free (unlike lightroom) and its naming convention was automatic (unlike bridge). 

slowly but surely i’m getting all my stuff organized on my newish computer. it’s fast, so it isn’t taking much time! 

relevant oatmeal

i watched the entire series of “lost” online. the day after the episodes aired on tv, i watched them on my computer on the abc website. it was a nifty little setup.

so now i’ve been trying to watch “the magicians” online after they’ve aired on tv, and according to the syfy (stupid syfy name) website, i SHOULD be able to do that. the quality is crappy, and when i chromecast it to the tv, it’s like i’m watching a weird, jerky over-the-air with rabbit ears antenna tv show. 

i guess i can deal with crappy quality. but what really is irritating me is that they seemed to have capped me at four episodes. why bother advertising being able to watch the show on your site if you’ve not going to let people actually watch the show? yes, i’ve tried an incognito browser. the only other option at this point is to try to run my IP through another location. 

i understand them wanting to force people to watch it via cable, but then why advertise the ability to “watch full episodes now” if you really can’t. (and i’m sorry – i’m not paying $2.99/episode to watch this. i’ll wait for netflix at this point.)

relevant oatmeal here. 

ps: did you know that now even the basic hulu costs a monthly fee? i thought it used to be free…


generally i jump from book to book, but after finishing up red rising i need either a little break or jump right in and read it again!

so i’ve been watching firefly instead! and a little xena here and there. 

today was nice out so i ran my five miles outside. it wasn’t quite an awesome run, but it was ok. five miles is a while, and i tried to run most of the time (a couple hills that i just decided to walk, but oh well). 

the nice thing about running five miles is that i can eat a lot of food during the day – i got an extra 800 of so calories, so i made some frozen yogurt and ate that. yummy! 

book review: “red rising” trilogy


i’ve been waiting for so long for the final book of this trilogy to publish and get to my doorstep. ok, so it was only a year, but still. 

i reviewed the first book of this series, “red rising”, back when i finished that. i was enamored. i was not as enamored by the second book when i first read it, but now i reread them in preparation for the final book, i liked it a bit more. anyway. let’s talk about these books.

it’s hard coming into these books right after a very frilly, very thorough writer*; pierce brown’s style in these books is very frank, honest, and gritty, and comes in the first person of our hero, darrow. but as you get in a little deeper, you understand that this man can write action, and the compact sentences help create a world of class war. 

we’re in a world(s) where the elite have their heels on the tiers of lower classes and have the technology and bodies to back it up. our hero, helped out by a cast of characters along the way, rises from the very bottom to the very top to make mayhem and tear down the classes. 

like i wrote in my first review, brown’s influenced by many writers, and you can tell as you read through the plotline, but it’s so mashed up and in such an exciting package, you push that aside.

plus, how can you go wrong when the hero’s nickname is “the reaper.”

the last 100 pages or so of “red rising” is still my favorite section of the books. it’s raw, animalistic, and really when darrow sees what he needs to do and how he needs to act. he understands that to make this work, he needs to rely on and trust his friends and make real relationships. while that’s my favorite, the end of the third book was really close; i was grinning like a fool as i read the end of “morning star.” without giving too much away, let’s say i felt what i felt at the end of HP7. 

wholehearted five stars to this trilogy. the last book is what i wanted “mockingjay” to be. it’s on par with HP. it’s the end of every star trek film on steroids. if they decide to make a movie, i will be very terrified and very excited at the same time. 

* the typos. my god, the typos. and ORIENTATE is NOT a word. i had to wonder where on earth the copy editors were. i’ll forgive him though; he did use farther correctly every single time. also, just a note: these are adult books, not YA. mr. brown himself has said that these are adult books. i think a lot of teens read them, but a lot of teems read other adult books as well. 


i thought i was going to finish my book tonight and write a book review, but instead i installed my solid state hard drive into my mini and HOLY CATS i have never had a faster computer. even my brand new imac at work isn’t this fast. it’s amazing! i only got a 250GB drive, but that’s enough for my OS and all my applications to start from. i installed my adobe products, and they start up in like, 2 seconds, compared to the 5 minutes on my 5400rpm hard drive. 

so, hopefully i’ll finish my book up tomorrow! 🙂


i got a couple upgrades for my computers with tax money. tomorrow my solid state drive is coming, which i’ll stick in my mac mini. that should increase speed a ton, which is something i’ve noticed lacking. i also got some RAM for my laptop, and so far it seems to help a little bit! even though it’s just an internet machine, it was so slow to open and close new tabs in chrome. for $30, i figured a RAM upgrade could probably help me out a little bit. if it’s still infuriatingly slow, i’ll upgrade the drive on that, too. can’t beat a new-feeling computer for less than $100!

i’m reading the final book of a series right now and i’m absolutely entranced. this dude writes action like michael bay movietizes it. since tomorrow’s my rest day from any activity, maybe i’ll finally finish it and review the series. 

not good

i’m really sucking at blogging every day this year. i can’t even bring myself to post-date my blog posts so it looks like i’m blogging every day. 

i had a long weekend last weekend, and the most productive thing i did was plant my pepper seeds. that’s pretty pathetic as far as a three-day weekend goes, but huzzah for spring starting! once these seeds are up and transplanted out of the flat, i’ll start on the tomatoes. hopefully this year my seed starting will fare better than last year. charlie got me a great gardening book for christmas, and it’s already given me some tips, so here’s fingers crossed.