sorry (notsorry)

yesterday i failed at blogging! i am going to post date this, though, so it’ll be on yesterday’s date. (i know; i cheat.)

the last four days i was in st cloud with my grandma. i went up on wednesday with my mom  and came back yesterday with my sibs. it was nice to spend some time with her, and i’m pretty sure my mom was happy i was there. 

friday melissa came down to visit with me for a bit. we went to lunch and then she came back to check out the hospice house. i was glad she was able to come! it was nice to have a moment of non-family 🙂

then yesterday a lot of family showed up to have a birthday party for grandma (she turns 95 on the 14th). there was cake, singing, and a lot of people around her. 

she’s been more and more confused, talking in her sleep, and a lot of in and out of sleep. 

i’m glad to be home with nate and the kitties (and my BED). i just realized i didn’t say goodbye to her 🙁 but she won’t remember that much anyway, so i’m going to be ok with it.

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