jessica jones

this is a long time coming. i watched the first season of jessica jones right around thanksgiving and meant to do a review of it, but because i was still blogging about charlie, i think i forgot about it!


i had watched “daredevil” when it first came out, and while i enjoyed it, i was completely compelled to watch it. something about mr. daredevil himself was just a little too clean cut and the plotline a little predictable for me to be 100% invested (i don’t know. don’t ask). so i was a liiitttle bit hesitant about jessica jones. but i was blown away! 

this show is fantastic. it’s rough, and jessica is rough. we see her fight for others and fight for herself. we learn how her past has made her who she is today, and we learn that she uses this to help her present self. we see her downfalls, and we see her pick herself up. she is sarcastic and harsh and defensive and puts up a wall. we see who she lowers the wall for, and we see how the bad guy uses that against her. 

this is gritty, dark marvel. is she a superhero? not really. is she hero for hire? sometimes.

or is she her own hero? absolutely.

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