bread making

i’ve tried to make bread in the past, and really didn’t have a ton of luck. yeast and i don’t get along very well for some reason. but, i’ve had a lot of luck with pizza dough lately, so i thought i’d give bread another go.

i used the french bread recipe from this site. pretty simple: flour yeast, salt, and water. mix, knead, let sit, form loaf, let sit, bake. the “secret” is to throw a half cup of water in the oven just before you close it to get steam in there for a crusty crust. (seems a little counter-intuitive, but it works.) i was worried about the lack of sugar in it, but the yeast did its job and it tastes great.

and omg is it crusty!


i use this for pizza, too. just some quarry stones from menards. they were cheaper than a pizza stone!





finished! one got a little wing on it.

finished! one got a little wing on it.

mmmm yum

mmmm yum

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