i’m always skeptical of these mlms that are all over – especially the skincare/healthcare ones. but i’ve been eyeing some sort of eyelash booster for a while, and i inquired about R+F lash boost. $150!!! omg. i may as well go to the doc and get a prescription for latisse. 

so i did some googling and found a list of top ten lash boosters out there. number two was a $10 tube of london rimmel lash serum. what the heck – may as well give it a go since it’s $140 less than the other stuff i was looking at. found a tube at walmart tonight, and it was actually $8, so i saved my pocketbook $142 over the other option i was looking at.

so i want to see if this stuff will actually make a difference, so i’m going to take some before pics and then followup once a week. or maybe once every couple weeks. we’ll see how ambitious i get.

fyi: it’s kind of hard to take a close-up of your own eyeball. 


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