ode to a cat

ode to a cat

i can’t believe i didn’t blog about chasey cat when i took her to the vet. 
a month ago, chasey was not doing well at all. she’d been not 100% for a while, but she seemed happy and was frisking around occasionally. what more could you ask for from a 16-year-old cat? but one day she was limping along a little bit more than usual, then the next her food bowl wasn’t getting much attention, and the third she was barely moving around and peed on the rug. the next morning i had to take her to the vet to put her down 🙁
nate drove and i held her on the way there, and she was the most alert on that drive than probably the past three weeks. she hated car rides, so i’m not surprised. 
got to the vet and sat in a room where they put in a stint, then we said goodbye to the pretty kitty, then it was time for the meds. poor tiny cat.
nate wanted a private cremation, so now her ashes are sitting on the bookshelf waiting for summertimes so we can sprinkle her outside where she always wanted to be.
in two weeks i’m getting a cattoo! little grey tabby sitting on a stack of books. 
(meanwhile, ralf has lost a couple pounds and sophie’s been eating all the food ralf hasn’t -_-)

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  1. Hey Kate- is a cattoo a breed of cat? I’m not up on my cat lingo. I’m sorry to hear about your cat. My condolences.

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