baked alaska part II

woo! that was intense.

first off, i made the meringue. since macaron call for meringue, i am a meringue pro. whipped those egg whites right up!

mmm, look at those stiff peaks.

mmm, look at those stiff peaks.

then, i pulled the bowl of ice cream and brownie layers out, and shook. and shook. and shook shook shook. dipped in hot water. cut around the brownie edge. shook shook. nothin’. called nate. he dipped in hot water for quite some time. then i cut around the brownie again, and it came out. soupily. a big soupy brownie mess. ugh.

but, further inspection revealed it was merely superficial, so we cleaned up the soupy ice cream and started plopping the meringue on. i was going to get fancy and pipe it on, but yeah. time was of the essence.

coveredafter everything was covered, i made it at least a little pretty and dolloped my spoon all over so it had peaks. now it’s chillin’ in the freezer waiting for the big broil tomorrow.



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