arizona: day one…half?

here’s a delayed day one (sorta) of vacay.

last night, nate and i flew out at 9:30, so i worked a full day of work and then went home to a very antsy nate. fed the cats 3 heaping bowls of food (don’t worry – charlie’s coming to catsit for a few days!) and took off.

seriously, this is the most boring day, but we had one very fun part of the trip out: we flew first class!

i’d never flown first class before, and it was cheaper than flying out thursday cattleclass, so we took advantage of that.

the seats were nice and wide, the flight attendant was very … attentive i guess? and the mixed drinks were free!!!

so i got a margarita right off the bat.

then they were a little heavy-handed on my bloody mary (and it was an airplane bloody, so not that great), so i decided to stop after that.

we also got an in-flight meal – a wrap, chips, and some weird, smoky applesauce stuff.


it was dark on the plane. well, it was night.

i also read the entirety of “a wrinkle in time” while on the flight and tried to nap.

oh, and we hit some turbulence. so our flight was a little late.

we rolled into the car rental place around 1 a.m. (that’s 2 a.m. central) and got a REALLY SNAZZY nissan maxima. totally excited to take pics of that. the entire roof is covered in sunroofs!

then it was 20 mins to our hotel, and we rolled in around 2 in the morning. and i woke up at 7:30. i’m going to be so tired today. BUT IT’LL BE WARM.

(oh, and i have to say, i shoved all my camera gear in my backpack carryon and OMG is it heavy.)

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