weekend of work

weekend of work

day 3 of no facebook, and so far i’m ok with this. i was a little out of sorts not being able to check it out after RGB died, just to commiserate about her death with others and the obvious move the GOP senators made even after setting precedent in 2016 with replacing her.

i can’t think about that now – it’s just so much to take in.

so instead, this weekend liz came to visit me and we painted my kitchen cupboards. i’m still waiting for the backs of the doors to dry, but after they’re hung and up, i’ll do a post about that process. even with the doors off (which makes my kitchen look so incredibly messy), it’s brighter than it was. i think what it will really do is highlight how awful my floor looks. that’s the next thing, i guess. but painting the cabinets took the entire weekend, and now i’m beat.

we also went for a run in the st. john’s woods, which was nice. i haven’t been out there all summer, but i’m going to make an effort to get out there in the next few weeks while the weather’s still nice, the sun is still up, and the leaves look good. that’s always a fun time.

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