favorite books!

favorite books!

so i filled out an employee spotlight for work last friday, because i didn’t want to run around trying to find someone who would fill it out for me for the friday news i compile. but that’s another story…

anyway, one of the questions is what’s your favorite book.



(i mean, i wrote the questions, so i should only blame myself.)

so i wrote a list of ten books to appease the masses and mostly me.

then i was tagged twice on FB to post 10 book covers. so i took a pic of the books i listed in my spotlight (MINUS 11/22/63 because LIZ HAS THAT BOOK).

here’s review tuesday: kate’s fave books edition.

i forgot to include pat rothfuss in my spotlight. i’m kind of bummed about that. but otherwise, all were included.

you may be wondering why “beauty” instead of the blue sword or others; beauty was the first book of robin’s that i read, and i was intrigued. sometimes it’s the initial books that grab you the most.

little house in the big woods is my favorite laura book, and HP6 is probably my favorite.

one note: if you haven’t read any michael perry, please do. he’s got just a lovely writing style that hits you right in the gut sometimes.

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