April 26, 2015

commence gardenblog

welp, it’s that time of year! this weekend, charlie and i planted a couple trees in the front yard – one maple and one plum. i cleaned out a couple garden beds and planted black walnut friendly onions. i ended up pulling up a potato leftover from last year, and it was already sprouting and ready to go. next sunday i might plant potatoes. 
last weekend i put three lilac bushes in the ground, and they’re already sprouting and ready to get moving. i doubt i’ll have any blooms this year, but hopefully next spring i’ll see something. my peonies are also sprouting, and i know i won’t have any blooms on a couple of them. maybe a couple will have blooms since i bought them potted last spring. we’ll see what happens.
i was also surprised to see some volunteer lettuce popping up already! it’s time for lettuce to be planted, but i hadn’t thought about last year’s crop pollinating the area (it makes sense though). so that’s good news! the bad news is i’m not going to be able to get in there with my hoe and some fertilizer like the rest of the beds, but it should be ok. 


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