kaBLAMO is almost upon us, as i was reminded by my sister jane asking for nanowrimo ideas. since i’ve been doing kablpoye, it didn’t dawn on my that kablpomo is creeping up.
so, do i continue on as i’m doing? do i do a theme month? do i do two posts a day? (please, no, not the last one…) 
what are your ideas for this year’s kablpomo? i think for nanowrimo (national novel writing month), i am going to really focus on my devil’s syrup book and see if i can get it done.

6 thoughts on “kablpomo??

  1. you could do a month of writing tips you’ve gotten, shortcuts/advice you would give from your own writing, exerpts about writing, book reviews on really good writing, etc. for the month of november.

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