slowly but surely

slowly but surely

you may recall: after crappy wireless quality on my ps3, i ran an ethernet cable out to the living room and found my wireless was just crappy, not crappy internet.
running a wire through the house, however, was not viable. it needed to run through the basement where i wouldn’t trip over it. it made sense for the cords to run from cable outlet to cable outlet, but SCARY, amiright?
i wanted to make sure i had the right measurements and general idea of how to go about running a cord through the basement to the living room, so my dad spent an afternoon with me a few weeks ago, and we got the general locations figured out for the holes in the floor to the cable outlet boxes. after some not so successful attempts, we gave up.
today i went back at it, breaking the bottoms out of the cable outlets so i could see what was going on. success! after making the holes a little bigger, i was able to run my drain cleaner thing up the hole from the basement and grab it from the upstairs. i taped the ethernet cord to the end and pulled it down to the basement, then up to the living room.
and because i don’t have the right boxes nor the supplies to make an actually cat5 outlet, i did the ghetto thing and just ran the cord from the bottom of the faceplates. ha! no one will see them anyway.  hooked that bad boy up to my switch, and now my ps3, tv, and xbox are all internet ready. woo!

this is a horrible picture. but in the lower left you can kind of see the cord that’s just hanging out.

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