let's play

let's play

one of my “guidelines” for 2014 was to be more musical. well, the other day i went to schmitt music and bought some clarinet reeds. after some poking around in some boxes, i found my clarinet music, and so begins more musicalness in my life.
photofor reasons UNBEKNOWNST TO ME* i have lost my etudes for clarinet, but i still have a lot of sheet music, so i think i’ll be good as far as music goes.
*that was total sarcasm and a lie. i’m sure i got rid of them because they were the bane of my existence during my first semester of college. bruce thornton, you were the worst clarinet teacher i’ve ever had.

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    1. i actually had to wiki it because i didn’t know the official definition, but it confirmed what i guessed! it’s a short composition that’s on the difficult side. probably why i threw them out!

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