in which a few things are discussed

in which a few things are discussed

1. i finally made it to the running room downtown. since i had a long weekend, and it was sunny, and it wasn’t -31 outside, i decided to unhermit myself and get out. i stopped at the running store while on my quest for corn-syrup-free mini eggs (which, sadly, resulted in NOTHING…i may have to spend an arm and a leg on amazon) and was pleasantly surprised! i got a poly wicking long-sleeved high-collared shirt for $10, and, the biggest coup of them all, a city bike trail map! promptly went home and input a bunch of maps on mapmyrun. nothing quite at 6 miles yet, but when the time comes when i can run outside without threat of biffing it on the ice, i will find a way. april 10k here i come! (…in last place, according to previous years’ results, but oh well…)
2. remember michael perry? the author from wisconsin who writes things that make me want to cry, they’re so beautifully written? well, he does tours throughout the area of WI and eastern MN, and since i’m actually more in the area than before, i checked out his schedule. he has a “clodhopper” tour that only costs $12 and is in northfield next weekend. alas i would be going alone, so i passed in hopes that when i have more peeps in the area, he would tour again. then i saw a WRITING WORKSHOP. omg, i nearly peed myself from excitement. so, i signed up, and the weekend before i run a chip-timed 10k, i will be in zumbrota listening to MP talk about writing processes and publishing tips. maybe he’ll sign something and i can brag to my father.
3. remember when i mentioned participating in a move it campaign through work? it’s the beginning of week 4, at which time i should be running 70 mins once this week. bleah! but that’s not why i mention it. they have extra credit stuff each week, and this week’s was, try a fruit or vegetable you haven’t eaten before. easy enough. i got a papaya, minneola and pummelo.
fruit(i’m actually thinking i’ve probably had papaya before in some weird canned fruit salad, but i’ve never had fresh.)
ok, so papaya is boring, minneola is an orange and a pummelo is a grapefruit. not very exciting! but i also got some bok choy hanging out in the fridge so we’ll see how that goes when i cook it. maybe with some bacon. you can’t go wrong with bacon. too bad the extra credit activity isn’t “eat more bacon.” i would excel.
4. peace out!

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