eating smart, eating socially

eating smart, eating socially

my cousin-in-law brookie has a new blog in which she is documenting her learning process of eating smart. it’s always heartening to see people learn the awfulness that is devil’s syrup (aka corn syrup or any derivative)!
speaking of which, i was reminded of the awfulness of DS today when i felt a rumbling in my lower half and rushed to the bathroom. i will get sick if i consume a lot of DS, and apparently the cupcakes from yesterday’s RCTC facebook extravaganza were loaded with the stuff (sadly, they did not come with an ingredients list). i hope it’s all out of my system. note to self: cupcakes from hy-vee have corn syrup in them.
Corn-Husk-Adnow i wouldn’t rank myself as much of a stickler when it comes to portion size as brooke does, but i do root for the non-processed foods and less-ingredient foods (i’ve also probably got 100 lbs on brooke, so there’s something to be said for portion control). but i am also a proponent of eating socially, which is why i had the cupcakes yesterday. it’s one thing to decline ice cream at liz’s house or extoll the unvirtuousness that is monsanto to megan (she may think my anti-corn crusade is stupid, but agrees that monsanto is the devil), but quite another to sit there with no cupcake while everyone’s stuffing his/her face at a work event.
it comes down to the school of thought that you live to eat or eat to live. living to eat is a too uncontrollable, while eating to live is so sterile. there’s a fine line one has to walk. eat smart, but eat socially at the same time. some days you can lean one way, while other days quite the opposite. eat socially smart.
so while i may put up a good-looking anti-DS front, be it known that i do diverge from time to time, especially when i’m not thinking about it.
and boy, do i pay for it.
*runs to bathroom*
[in other, somewhat relevant news, i had always avoided ben and jerry’s ice cream because whatever i picked up inevitably had corn syrup in it. but liz mentioned the other day that pistachio pistachio lacked it, so i went to their website and checked out their ingredients lists. and 1 of 2 things is happening: i was either picking up the wrong flavors, OR (and i’m hoping this is the more likely) they responded to the recent brouhaha of the all-natural claim and have been phasing out corn syrups. there are many flavors that are DS-free! woo!]

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  1. Hey tanks for the shout out!! Did you see my newest post with te ingredient lists of my old breakfast vs. my new one?! You would appreciate it.

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