farewell, central mn

farewell, central mn

when we moved from austin when i was 14 years old, i thought i would never live in one spot as long as i had lived there.
but, last year, i officially lived in the st cloud area for 14 years. now, i have lived here longer than in austin, just at the time i am returning to southeastern minnesota. part of me is happy to be moving on to another phase of life, but part of me is sad to leave central minnesota behind.

so, for the last time today, i cruised D, went to granite city for the last time in a while, and signed the closing papers. goodbye, central mn.
goodbye crossroads center, one of the best malls i’ve encountered, and certainly better than apache mall in rochester (not that i spend a lot of time in malls…)
goodbye grandma, who lives in st cloud. i will miss you 🙁
goodbye st cloud superman. i really hope there is a rochester equivalent.
goodbye coborn’s. may your monopoly hold true.
goodbye ciatti’s and your tiramisu. i’m betting there’s a good italian restaurant down there, but we’ll see.
goodbye scary east side. i won’t really miss you.
goodbye merrill. can’t say i’ll miss the job much, but i WILL miss the people.
goodbye scsu. you can’t spell sucks without scsu. (altho, …. it does have the only accredited comm program in mn outside the U…)
goodbye killer perkins. many a good time was had inside your walls. at the same time, it’s goodbye to a younger life forever gone ;(
goodbye town of U-turns. i won’t miss you.
goodbye date nights of dinner and a movie. here’s hoping rochester has more of a night life.
goodbye avon, albany, holdingford. you were the land of my ancestors. now i’m off the land of my other side’s ancestors.
goodbye st. ben’s and st. john’s. i WILL miss you. you were what brought me here and have remained steadfast.
goodbye st. joe. you are a good little town. my running route was awesome, your bike trail is good, your farmers’ market awesome. not to mention kay’s kitchen, the meat market, and yes, even the newsleader.
goodbye 250, 18th Ave SE. you’ve been a good little house. may you continue to be so for these new people.

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