guest topic 2

guest topic 2

well, megan was on a roll with her blogging ideas! and she’s feeling especially guilty about her environmental footprint, i guess, because her second question was, what’s better? cloth or disposable diapers?


is better than anything i could write on the subject. it’s informative, weighs pros and cons, explains the numbers, even extolls the virtues of second-hand baby goods. really, read it. yes. i’ll wait.

what it comes down to is, as long as your laundrying is as efficient as possible (line-drying, efficient washer, etc.), cloth is the way to go. i would go even further and say that even if your ways of doing laundry isn’t that efficient, you’re still keeping stuff out of landfills. landfills aren’t good. the one thing to keep in mind, though, is that it is time consuming and won’t be easy.
on another topic, i have my uhaul reserved for friday pickup, nate and i are signing papers on friday at 1:30, our stuff is in boxes, we’ve done what we can do, and as soon as we’re packed on friday, we will be leaving st. joe for the last time.
🙁 but 🙂
a farewell post to come.

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