back on schedule

back on schedule

a week or so ago, i had a dream that i only remember because of how awful it made me feel.
i slept through christmas eve.

clearly, christmas eve is a raucous time in the wallace household.

ugh! it was only a dream, but it made me feel really bad for sleeping through such an important time as christmas eve! one interpretation is this:
2. Missing an important event because you are late {or in my case, asleep}. 
This can indicate regret over a missed opportunity, inability to make a connection, or desire to pull oneself together. In Dream Power: How to Use Your Night Dreams to Change Your Life, Cynthia Richmond suggests asking questions of dreams in order to understand what this common symbol means to you. For example: What are you missing? Who is disappointed by the missed event? Is it only you or are there others involved?
well, i certainly have a desire to pull myself together; i’m in three places these days and it’s starting to wear on me. needless to say, i took it as a sign that i needed to start christmas shopping.
i am normally done shopping by the end of october – well, mostly done anyway. i at least normally have an amazon shopping cart full and a list of what else to get. this year, i had no idea what i  was getting anyone until today. today was my mom’s and my annual christmas shopping trip [and maybe last one? 🙁 ], and i bought presents for my grandma, aunt rae, and something for liz and jane. i came home and finished up on amazon. tomorrow i’ll go to another place and pick up some stocking stuff for my mom, and i’ve got 3 more things (2 of which are big things), and i’m DONE.
you don’t know what a relief that is.
(in other news, all three kitties, nate, and i are all in st. joe! nate’s done working at walmart in st cloud, and we MOVE next weekend. this is happening way too fast…)

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    1. but what would she do about your gifts? i don’t know if i’m ready to let you horn in on my tradition. maybe by the time the time comes, i’ll be ready…

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