on immigration

on immigration

i really don’t know where i stand on immigration. all i know is that we are all people who have more in common with each other than not, and we should treat each other like we ourselves want to be treated. that’s a fair enough standard in my book. so that’s what i try to do.

however, some people don’t see that. i listen to MPR on my commute to work (the whole 15 minutes of it). the other day they were talking about immigration reform, and while i couldn’t tell you a thing about what’s being reformed or why, i can tell you about this lady who called in.

her points were:

1. people just can’t walk into this country and expect to become citizens.
2. people should have to work hard to become citizens
3. she is INSULTED when aliens "assume" they’ll become US citizens. INSULTED!!
4. her grandparents came to this country and had to assimilate and learn the language!
5. and they were supposed to FORGET THE PAST.
6. she ise. i hope i can make it through the week! 🙂
we’re still waiting for a signed purchase agreement on the house. delores said it might take up to two weeks for them to get it back to us. ugh! i want to just finish this and paint already. :)____________________________________

 !”!”###$$%&&'(((()**+,–./01122233445667899::;<==>>>???@@ABCCDDDDDEFEFFGGGGHGGHGHHIJJIJJJKKKLMMMNOQQQQRRRRSSSTTUUVVWXXYYZZ[[]]^___`bcccddefghhhiijjklmnopppqqqqrsstuuuvwvwxyyyzz{{z{{{|}}~ crying when she said this – i have never rolled my eyes so much in my life as i did during her call)? you should be proud to live in a country whose citizenship is so highly coveted. what is wrong with wanting to be american?

*facepalm* *facepalm* *facepalm*

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