on immigration

i really don’t know where i stand on immigration. all i know is that we are all people who have more in common with each other than not, and we should treat each other like we ourselves want to be treated. that’s a fair enough standard in my book. so that’s what i try to do.

however, some people don’t see that. i listen to MPR on my commute to work (the whole 15 minutes of it). the other day they were talking about immigration reform, and while i couldn’t tell you a thing about what’s being reformed or why, i can tell you about this lady who called in.

her points were:

1. people just can’t walk into this country and expect to become citizens.
2. people should have to work hard to become citizens
3. she is INSULTED when aliens "assume" they’ll become US citizens. INSULTED!!
4. her grandparents came to this country and had to assimilate and learn the language!
5. and they were supposed to FORGET THE PAST.
6. she ise. i hope i can make it through the week! 🙂

we’re still waiting for a signed purchase agreement on the house. delores said it might take up to two weeks for them to get it back to us. ugh! i want to just finish this and paint already. :)____________________________________

 !”!”###$$%&&'(((()**+,–./01122233445667899::;<==>>>???@@ABCCDDDDDEFEFFGGGGHGGHGHHIJJIJJJKKKLMMMNOQQQQRRRRSSSTTUUVVWXXYYZZ[[]]^___`bcccddefghhhiijjklmnopppqqqqrsstuuuvwvwxyyyzz{{z{{{|}}~ crying when she said this – i have never rolled my eyes so much in my life as i did during her call)? you should be proud to live in a country whose citizenship is so highly coveted. what is wrong with wanting to be american?

*facepalm* *facepalm* *facepalm*

tea parties

today there were much hyped "tea parties" across the nations, protesting taxes (and since today’s tax day, then it makes sense).

apparently tea parties have been congregating for a while now, but suddenly this year we’re hearing about it, i assume because the prez wants to raise income taxes on people who make more than $250,000 a year.

but i wonder how many of these people who are attending these know the historical aspect of the boston tea party. i heard one lady at work in the lunch room bragging about how she was going to this and explaining it was based on the boston tea party protesting taxation without representation. historically true, but you do realize YOU ARE BEING REPRESENTED. it’s not the same, no matter what. you voted – the majority voted for mr. jones, who goes to washington to make decisions based on the peeps who voted him in. there is no taxation without representation going on here.

now, if you want to protest taxes in general, why not do something else, like vote independent. or not pay your taxes. you might get audited, but at least you’ll be making a statement. the issue here is not taxation without representation.

in which there is news

1. i won the golden egg at eastertime! well, i second-hand won it. jane actually found it, then since she has won many years, she declined to take it and gave me a finger point to where it was. 2 times in 14 years!! yeah baby!!!

2. my tulips and daffodils and crocuses (croci?) are popping through the ground!! woohoo!! i do not have a black thumb!

3. my bday is a mere 46 days away!!!!! i’m excited to party!

4. TV went and pooped out, and a new one is on the way. we decided that if we’re gonna do this, we’re gonna do it right and got a 50" panasonic viera. it’ll be big.

5. i will be taking pics at my coworker’s wedding. i’m really hoping they turn out decent so i have further oppportunities down the road.

6. i am reading a book on gardening and i have suddenly become very excited to put in my garden. even if it’s pot gardens until we get the yard figured out. also want to plant some lilac bushes and some trees. i’m worried about my peonies and i hope i don’t have to transplant them.