for those of you too lazy to go to my nanowrimo site, (http://www.nanowrimo.org/user/216196), here is an excerpt.

At age twenty-two, Mildred went to the courthouse and legally changed her name to Millie Frank for $39.95.
She just graduated from college in marketing and decided this would be the best decision for her career, not to mention her sanity when it came to her name.
Her mother, outraged at this decision, decided then and there that Millie would be disowned. Her father didn’t do anything but stare downward while listening to his wife yell at their older daughter. Mildred the original would never do anything like this. It’s not only unfair, but dishonest and disloyal to boot – completely unlike the original Mildred.
Millie didn’t care. At the end of the month she was draining her checking and savings accounts and moving to downtown Minneapolis where she was going to live with a girl she knew from college. She had enough money in savings from working during col___________________________________________________

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