words of the year

i get a daily calendar for work, and this past year i picked up a “forgotten english” one, which had words every day that have gone out of use. i was in search of the perfect word i thought needed to be used regularly again. i saw it, loved it, forgot to write it down. (good grief.) i might have found it?

here’s a list of the best words i found:

  • smyster: to idle sitting over a fire. to talk or laugh to oneself as in a daydream
  • balitorium: riotous. merrymaking which often accompanies a bonfire
  • flire: to have a countenance expressive of laughter without laughing out (laughing so hard you don’t make a sound??)
  • zouch: an ungenteel man or bookseller (??)
  • amaritude: bitterness
  • graith: all things necessary for preparation or readiness. the trappings/gear needed in any pursuit. the verb, graithe, mean to prepare or make ready
  • gardyloo!: a common cry in ediburgh when peeps threw urine, slops, etc out of the windown
  • cunctator: one who acts tardily – a delayer
  • ramage: the boughs or branches of trees
  • eargh: superstitiously afraid. eerie is derived from it.
  • bookwright: a maker or author of books
  • scelerat: a villain or criminal
  • cluttery: when it is raining with thick clouds all around
  • mopple: to confuse
  • carnaptious: irritable, ill-tempered, cranky or cantankerous
  • bell-wether: leader of a flock or sheep with a bell (also found out on this day that a black sheep in a flock was good luck)
  • minnock: to affect delicacy or to ape the manners of one’s superiors (like when snoopy was imitating lucy in charlie brown crhistmas??)
  • unkard: a person in a strange place
  • CRAPULENCE: drunkennes or sickness by intemperance (i think this is the word)
  • tripudiation: dancing (why can’t you just say dancing?)

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