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what is offensive about me?

my best friend in junior high has defriended me on facebook. 


to which i ask, what is so offensive about my facebook posts (and therefore, i guess, me)? am i too liberal? to libertarian? too weird? too many tattoos? too obsessed with grammar? i don’t have kids and therefore you can’t relate? my cats aren’t cute enough? you didn’t really like me that much in jr. high? i exercise too much? you don’t care about my running? my food is too good looking? i read too many literary books that make you feel inferior? i like too many hick things and make you feel far superior? i spend too much time with my siblings? i’m too much of a nerd? i live in too small of a town? i eat too many minidonuts? you’re jealous of my christmas tree? i’m not religious enough? i’m too crafty? i’m not crafty enough? i hate scrapbooking? (THAT’S GOT TO BE IT.)

in all seriousness, i haven’t talked to the girl in 22 years, so it’s not like it’s a big loss, but it’d be interesting to know why she defriended me and is still friends with all the other people we knew in jr. high (who also left the same time i did).

ah well. 

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