two of everything!

one downside of living like a nomad is i end up needing two of a lot of things. two bottles of soaps, two deodorants, two sets of cold medicines (ugh, i know; right?), etc., because i’m sure if i try to pack up every three days, i’ll forget something.

which means i spend a lot of time at target.

which means i spend a lot of money at target. 

fortunately, i got a nice 10% off coupon (essentially 15% with my red card) from target in the mail, but of course i used it on my least expensive trip. *sigh*

other than that, life’s been going. so far this week has been going immensely better than last week, in that i didn’t have to drive to cannon falls after work to get my ss card. 

in good news, my deck should, in theory, be done this weekend. it’ll be nice to enjoy it for a little bit!

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