top ten reasons you should stop eating devil's syrup

i know i posted a food post yesterday, but i wanted to do another one after trying to think of 10 reasons to stop eating DS.


1. it’s an easy way to reduce support of the overwhelming amount of government subsidies corn receives, especially the huge corporate farms. that money could be used elsewhere. like food for kids.

2. you eat too much corn anyway in all the processed foods we eat and as a byproduct of supermarket meat, so at least getting rid of some of it would be good.

3. you’ll reduce your sugar cravings.

4. monsanto is the devil, and by eliminating GM crops from your diet, you’ll remove money from its pockets.

5. you’ll buy and cook more “whole” foods. devil’s syrup is in so much stuff, that you eliminate practically 2/3 of the grocery store by avoiding it.

6. the processed food you DO buy will generally be better for you and/or organic. support your body and organic farmers! (although do your research on organics – some are just as bad as conventional or don’t make much of a difference compared to conventional.)

7. just using regular old cane or beet sugar tastes 100X better. your tastebuds will thank you. (i have a beef with the sugar industry as well, but one hurdle at a time.)

8. lots of times “low-fat” foods have more sugar and salt in them so they actually taste better. lots of times the sugar is DS. sugar converts into fat. this “low-fat” food is not truly “low-fat.” shhh, don’t tell anyone. they don’t want you to know.

9. another shout out for sugar tastes better! drinking pop with DS has a metallic aftertaste when i drink it now (well, i haven’t had a DS soda in YEARS, but i remember) and cane sugar pop is DEEEEElicious.

10. if everyone would stop eating processed crap with corn and other subsidized foods and started eating better, farmers would grow actual FOOD for HUMAN CONSUMPTION. you know, like stuff we can actually eat straight from the field. what a concept!

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