top ten reasons why you should not live in the city

1. it’s quiet (when charlie isn’t marble running)

2. you can go out at night and not be afraid of dying

3. you can see the stars

4. the lack of every resource at your fingertips makes you…resourceful

5. golf carts and gators everywhere (is that a positive? i don’t know)

6. your neighbor’s sex den isn’t two inches from your sex den

7. the employees in the stores know you

8. small-town bars

9. fewer emergency vehicles

10. it’s quiet (still)

2 thoughts on “top ten reasons why you should not live in the city

  1. i grew up on a private, dead-end street surrounded by woods and I really miss it sometimes. But I also really love being able to walk to the post office, bakery, ice cream shop, CVS, and the trolley station too so I don’t think I’m quite to the point where I’m ready to abandon city living yet. Maybe someday!

    1. i DO like having everything right there, which right now i have to drive 20 miles any direction to get anything other than food. but then i see the stars, and i think 20 miles is worth it!

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